Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Catenians?

The Catenians is an international association of Catholic business and professsional men who meet socially once a month at local branches (known as "Circles"). Members refer to each other as "Brothers" to reflect the mutual support and common Catholic bond that is found in the association.

The aims of the association are simple:

  • Foster brotherly love among members and their families;
  • Meet socially and develop social bonds between members and families;
  • Support each other through good and hard times by prayer and other practicle means;
  • Support young catholics through a bursary fund;

Prospective Members

Please feel free to look around this website and also check out the Association's official website here.


Why are ladies not members?

Actually it is a bit misleading to say ladies are not members. Many of the wives of brothers feel as much a part of the association as the brothers. Although the ladies do not attend the meetings, they are involved in many of the social events of the circle and the association.

Epsom Circle has a ladies night in May and a ladies and clergy night in November which is preceded by mass for the deceased of the circle. Epsom Circle also hosts the Valentines Ball each year which involves the ladies on the night and also in the planning and preparation.

One of the aims of association is to strengthen family life. Epsom Circle aims to do this by building friendship among the brothers and then encouraging this friendship to the family and beyond.

Why not join us at one of our family events and talk to ladies from our circle to see what they think.

How Much does it cost?

Membership Subs

Every brother pays an annual fee to be a member, this covers membership, the monthly magazine called "Catena" and funds circle activities. The amount is determined by each Circle's council and is voted on at the AGM in April. Currently (April 2017) the cost is £200 per annum.

Dining Costs

Epsom Circle meets monthly at the RAC club and this grand venue with pleasant surroundings comes at a price. The three course meal currently costs £39 which covers the private dining room, the meeting room and for the meal. Wine is not included, but very good wine is available at very reasonable price.


A voluntary contribution is made to the two main Catenian charities, the bursary fund and/or the benovolent fund. It is not compulsory to give to either of these charities, but members are asked to consider if they can support these charities. All contributions can be gift aided.

Do you have to be a practicing Catholic?


You must be a practicing Catholic to join and remain a member.

What if I am too busy?

Everyone has times in their lives where there seems to be too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Being a Catenian does offer an opportunity to relax and spend time with like minded people once a month, which helps balance the pressures of life.

Do I have to hold office?

Yes and No.

There is no pressure to hold office, however, part of the obligation of being a member is to accept office at some stage in the future when practicle. Obviously work commitments may prevent this for many years.

Some offices do not involve work outside of the monthly meetings so you should not be afraid of holding office.

Being on council requires you to attend a monthly council meeting.

Do I have to go on lots of visits?


There is no commitment to visit, but it is encouraged, simply because one of the big benefits of being a member is to socialise not only within your own Circle but further afield.

The first few visits may be daunting, but the familiarity of the meeting will put you at ease. The social event whether it is drinks or dinner that follows will normally enable you to meet new brothers and after a little while you will feel right at home. Epsom Circle as well as all the other circles welcomes visitors and enjoys their company.

Is the Catenians like the Masons?


The Catenians is NOT a secret organisation. Brothers are proud and open about membership and although we follow protocols within the meeting this is nothing more sinister than having a set format so that when brothers visit other circle where-ever it is, the brother will be able to follow exactly what is happening. There is NO secret handshake or strange secret practices.

The meetings have two sections, the first part is praying together. This sharing of our common faith is a cornerstone of the association. We pray for sick brothers and families, we pray for the deceased brothers remembering particularly our own Circle's deceased and we pray other petitions. The second part of the meeting is simply the business part of the meeting where we have reports from the various officers and notice of up-coming events.